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I design and create contemporary textiles for interiors, handmade homeware and interior accessories with sustainability at the heart of my business.

My first collection 'Mid-century Living' (containing 4 sub collections: Urban Rhythm, Modular Living, Woven Light and Dynamic Construction) is paying homage to the 'new way of living' by the pioneering architect Le Corbusier and other brilliant mid-century designers whose groundbreaking ideas have changed the designs scene and our idea of ideal living. Drawing inspiration from architecture, mainly brutalist buildings in Scotland and elsewehere in the world. The once derided concrete tower blocks, public and commercial buildings are an endless source of inspiration and have undergone a great revival in recent years. These buildings and especially the original concept of 'machine for living' by Le Corbusier offer a lot in terms of design and ideas for modern living. Through my work I would like to take these ideas and concepts and turn them into bold, fresh and contemporary designs made for today's living but also offering longevity through the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Dynamic Construction is inspired by the angles and shapes created from the structural elements of buildings. The strong visual details on brutalist architecture are sharp and angular which often creates layers of shapes that change and distort with our changing viewpoint, adding movement and dynamism, often in a bold and brave form, challenging construction and artistic composition.

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